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We are happy to supply equipment to private clients who have a personal budget or are self-funding, although we do recommend that you contact a therapist for advice.

- We can provide a free assessment (at your invitation) and a full quotation.
As agreed by you at the time of assessment, we will follow up to ensure you have the information you require.

- Should you place an order, we will schedule delivery to suit you.

- If you have a problem with the equipment, contact us within 14 days and we will do our best to resolve it. If we cannot, we will refund you in full (this excludes special work or where there is MRSA contamination).

Products you may be interested in...

With over 25 years experience in postural support, our extensive range of static pressure management addresses balance and stability, distributes pressure over the greatest area possible, and enables maximum function.

Below we have highlighted some items that may be of interest, but if you have any queries, please call our Head Office on 01531 635678.

Wheelchair Seating

A correctly fitted seat, when used alone or in conjunction with other equipment provision, will ensure good posture, pressure care and comfort.


The original high performance memory foam cushion with high fluid like conformity – day long support.

  • Options include Economy, Lowzone, Amputee or Urizone
  • Sizes can be tailored dependent on Lowzone style and client needs
  • Postural support and cover options available

Lowzone Product Page


The flexible alternative to memory foam, Flexizone is a simple, yet effective cushion for those at risk of developing pressure sores.

  • Series of geometrically cut sections operate independently to promote even weight distribution.
  • Available in standard and low profile to achieve best compatibility to everyday living activities.
  • Can be easily accommodated in hospital and community based seating arrangements as well as wheelchairs.

Flexizone Product Pages


Sensitive relief in seating – the Comfyzone has been designed to provide comfort for those patients who have undergone perianal surgery/treatment.

  • Also suitable for patients with coccyx pain or those who are unable to tolerate loading on the sacral area for various reasons.
  • Immediate comfort for those with especially bony prominences/elderly/frail; incorporating Lowzone with the extra conformance and built in postural support.
  • Designed and developed in conjunction with the OT Dept at the Royal Preston Hospital.

Comfyzone Product Pages

Lowzone Gel

The ingenious fluid displacement system within a Lowzone Gel acts by spreading body weight very effectively across the whole seated surface.

  • Accommodates changes in pressure and reduces the shear forces caused by pressure gradients.
  • Lowzone foam top and bottom maximises contact surface as well as giving an any way up application (on non-anatomically shaped).
  • Self levelling and self adjusting, the single cell free movement of fluid prevents any pooling and delivers great stability.

Lowzone Gel Product Page


A static cushion that thinks its active! Airzone is the next generation cushion technology – delivering clinical efficacy for patients at risk and with existing pressure sore damage.

  • Heavy duty performance, it weighs less than 1lb but will accommodate clients up to 25 stone/159kg.
  • Additional postural support adaptations help address the more complex seating needs.
  • Enormous size flexibility to accommodate both small/large, hospital/community/domestic settings.

Airzone Product Page


Complete CELL LOCK technology – unprecendented positioning and stability, unlike any air cushion ever seen before.

  • Lock technology – allows you to easily address asymmetrical seating issues.
  • Maintain skin integrity by delivering a therapeutic, low pressure, low shear, low friction seating environment.
  • By greatly decreasing peak pressures, blood flow is maintained for tissue viability.

Starlock Product Page


Maintaining body temperature is very complex; it also takes a lot of energy. The effect of temperature and moisture in skin integrity within pressure management is well documented and acknowledged as a key extrinsic factor.

  • Excess body heat is absorbed, which charges up the fabric
  • When the body seeks thermal equilibrium, heat gets released through the fabric
  • When the body temperature becomes cooler than the Omnitherm layer, heat is cycled back to the body

Omnitherm Product Page

Cushion Backs

Sometimes more support or special positioning is needed over and above a regular flat cushion – whether seated in a chair or wheelchair.

Lowzone Back

Whether you use it for comfort or positioning, the new low profile, pressure relieving Lowzone back is a great complimentary addition to our Lowzone range.

  • Offset lumbar support can be used any way up to provide more versatile solution
  • Standard wheelchair sizes and covers with full bespoke service option
  • The Lowzone back can be used on its own or in conjunction with any pressure management seat cushions.

Lowzone Back Product Page

Starlock Back

Starlock technology delivers a therapeutic Wheelchair Back System.

  • Contouring and sizing to fit the most difficult back shells. The increase in surface area compared to conventional lateral support can significantly minimise pressure and maximise corrective positioning.
  • Option of having built-in Starlock technology to provide asymmetrical positioning.
  • Choose from multiple cell heights to easily increase or reduce in effect, seat depth.

Starlock Back Product Page

Full Body Support

Pressure sore development is preventable. Use of specialist pressure redistribution support surfaces help to display weight more evenly and protect the skin. Designed to give maximum comfort while you rest, it will also support a better night's sleep.

Lowzone Mattress

Our range of static Pressure Mattresses are clinically proven and offer effective protection to those who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers.

  • Lowzone is a static replacement pressure mattress and is suitable for patients with a low to medium risk of developing pressure ulcers
  • Using high density foam, it delivers effective pressure reduction
  • Benefiting from a removable, multi-stretch, vapour permeable cover, they are the perfect mattress for pressure care in a hospital, residential or community setting.

Lowzone Mattress Product Page


Effective pressure management with the added benefit of thermal comfort. Low profile – the Airmantle can be used as an overlay to an existing mattress. Lightweight and portable, there is no set up or maintenance required.

  • Patients at risk of developing pressure sore damage, clinically effective in prevention of pressure ulcers
  • Helps support thermal regulation for those who cannot independently
  • Easily incorporated into existing care plan with minimal intervention

Airmantle Product Page

Crumb Bolster

Gentle and effective postural support and pressure management – when seated or lying.

  • Enhanced comfort from blended foam that retains all the benefit of weight distribution and conforms to individual body shape
  • The Crumb Bolster gives gentle, respectful and effective postural support
  • Available in a 2 section and 3 section to encompass full body support as needed, with a full made-to-measure service available.

Crumb Bolster Product Page


Without the need for additional and expensive purchases of larger equipment, the Posturite can transform current seating into posture corrective and pressure relieving. One size will fit multiple seating arrangements and we also offer a made-to-measure service, where needed.

  • Simple solution to non-complex postural and pressure management provision – with real cost savings
  • Modular design, you can buy straight off the shelf
  • Comfortable, lightweight, portable and easily recyclable
  • Interchangeable seating to accommodate existing clinical prescription
  • Ideal interim measure whilst waiting for more complex seating

Posturite Product Page

Bed Rail Bumpers

Bed rails are used extensively in care environments to prevent bed occupants falling out of bed and injuring themselves. Bed rail bumpers are primarily used to prevent impact injuries but they can also reduce the potential for limb entrapment when securely affixed to the bed or rail.

  • Made to individually fit each type of bed rail
  • Do not need to be removed to operate the bed rail
  • Can be integrated into existing equipment provision.

Bed Rail Bumpers


Here are several documents that you may find of use when deciding what type of Pressure Management products you require.

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