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Maintaining body temperature is very complex, it also takes a lot of energy. The effect of temperature and moisture in skin integrity within pressure management is well documented and acknowledged as a key extrinsic factor.

Traditional insulation relies on trapping warm air to maintain warmth. By contrast Omnitherm is an interactive PCM* process: absorbing, storing and releasing body heat when needed – maintaining thermal equilibrium. (*PCM= perpetual comfort management)

Key features:

  • Excess body heat is absorbed, which charges up the fabric
  • When the body seeks thermal equilibrium, heat gets released through the fabric
  • When the body temperature becomes cooler than the Omnitherm layer, heat is cycled back to the body

By maintaining comfort zone, the optimum micro climate next to your skin can be attained. This in turn can greatly reduce the degree of client discomfort, irritability and extremes of tiredness associated with temperature irregularities.

For more information on other available seating options, please visit the Wheelchair Seating Product Pages of this website.

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