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A simple solution to postural and pressure care provision combined in one bag!

Off the shelf, the Posturite provides lightweight, portable, support and comfort to any chair. Transform current seating into a posture corrective, pressure relieving chair; interchangable cushions accommodate current clinical prescriptions; includes an integral adjustable lumbar roll and built in lateral supports with an optional head rest, for a head-to-heel, full body support.

Complimentary to and in support of an existing pressure ulcer prevention care plan, the Posturite is the most versatile all-in-one option for all types of care settings/end of life care.

Key Features:

  • Simple solution to non-complex postural and pressure management provision – with real cost savings
  • Modular design, you can buy straight off the shelf
  • Comfortable, lightweight, portable and easily recyclable
  • Interchangeable seating to accommodate existing clinical prescription
  • Ideal interim measure whilst waiting for more complex seating

Without the need for additional and expensive purchases of larger equipment, the Posturite can transform current seating into posture corrective and pressure relieving. One size will fit multiple seating arrangements and we also offer a made-to-measure service, where needed.

For information on further body support options, please visit the Full Body Support Product Pages of this website.

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