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Our extensive range of seat and back cushions offer long lasting, low maintenance, static pressure management in over a million combinations.

Simple, fast and effective, static pressure management services.

Brand Guide

Lowzone EcoSimple client comfort, providing enhanced weight distribution across the whole seated surface and delivering pressure redistribution.
LowzoneThe original high performance memory foam cushion. Simple effective pressure management – high fluid like conformity – for day long support. High memory enables improved stability, eliminating bounce, absorbing shock and reducing shear.
FlexizoneThe flexible alternative to memory foam. Simple yet effective cushion for those at risk of developing pressure sores.
ComfyzoneSensitive relief in seating – specifically for those who are unable to tolerate loading on the sacral area post surgery/treatment.
Lowzone GelFoam/gel combination. Advanced fluid displacement accommodates changes in pressure and reduces sheer forces caused by pressure gradients.
AirzoneNext generation cushion technology – suspended air system. A static cushion that performs like an active – with clinical effectiveness for patients at risk of and with existing pressure sore damage. Low profile facilitates easier side transferring. Heavy duty yet lightweight – weighs less than 1lb.
StarlockComplete cell lock technology – delivers unprecedented positioning and stability in every single cell, unlike any air cushion ever seen before.
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