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The prevention and management of pressure ulcers is a high priority for healthcare professionals providing care in hospital and the community.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 patients in UK hospitals develops a pressure ulcer (pressure sore or bed sore), leading to a high costs financially and quality of life. Use of specialist pressure redistributing support surfaces are widely recognised when sitting in a chair/wheelchair in addition to being cared for in bed.

When you sit or lie down you naturally shift your position from time to time, even when you're asleep. But if you are unable to move there is a risk that the weight of the body pressing down on the skin can reduce blood circulation and the development of tissue damage over time. Friction from being moved, or slipping down in bed, can also damage the skin. Areas most at risk are where the skin is over the bony parts of the body; areas such as heels, the bony part of the bottom, elbows and shoulders are the parts of the body that take most of the weight when lying.

Pressure sore development is preventable. Use of specialist pressure redistribution support surfaces help to display weight more evenly and protect the skin. Designed to give maximum comfort while you rest, it will also support a better night's sleep.

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