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So far throughout February, our Handigrip reacher has made so many guest appearances in the Dales - that soon it will need it's own dressing room!

On Friday 15th February, Emmerdale's Sandy Thomas was seen holding the reacher and saying "I might lend my hand to a spot of litterpicking and make myself useful about the place".
We salute you Sandy however we would recommend our limited edition Streetmaster next time.

And in Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th episodes - Sandy, Ashley's 75 year old Dad, uses the Handigrip whilst out and about in his wheelchair; accompanied by friend Sean Reynolds.

Designed for maximum usability and minimum effort you will be truly amazed what you can use the Handigrip for

In both episodes the pair are seen fighting about who can use the Handigrip properly. Don't worry Sandy, you demonstrated our product beautifully and were happy to give a helping hand to Sean should he wish to purchase one too!

For more information about our Handigrip reacher please contact our Sales Team on 01531 635678 or email

Posted: 21 February 2013
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